EPractice-HMS is a complete set of modular software applications that automates Hospital Information System management eliminating redundant steps and manual error-prone interaction. EPracticeHMS is designed on a world-class architecture to be very intuitive and flexible to fit in any healthcare organization. With EPractice-HMS you can view a patient’s progress at any point in a care process, from patient appointment scheduling to patient admission and discharge.

ICD Symptom and Disease Classification
Doctors utilize custom codes or lookup for diagnosis with WHO ICD standards.
Advance Template Based Electronic Chart System
Patient Privacy
Audit Control
Ability to track, users actions on any activity with date and time stamp.
Hierarchical Staff Security System
Multi-faceted , tree like security access with individual security actions for each staff.
User Friendly
Module based, design with same popular web web navigation apps such as . facebook, linkedin. yahoo and gmail.
Patient Flow with great degree of Flexibility, internal hospital process
Custom Reports
Provide a wizard based reports generator, with no need for IT knowledge in generating ad-hoc reports.
Export Medical Records Electronically
Ability to export patient medical record electronically to outside agents, with secure path
Life Threat Alerts
Build Alert system based on treats, conditions.
Internal Email System
Local email system for the Organization. to enable internal collaborative efforts.
Medical Card Printing
Ability to Print Medical Cards with cost efficient hardware.
Bar Code and Scanning
Provide barcoded labeling for inventory, Patient arm wrist during admission, Lab specimen sample bottles.
Electronic Signature
Capture Patient and Clinical Providers electronic signature that could be used for Insurance .
State-of-the-art Security
Lock VIP patient records, password access levels, Hierarchical security levels.
Intranet & Internet (Local Server)
Designed for Web but can be operated without internet connection.
Finance & Management
Invoices. Exports - Supply Inventory and Orders - Batching per production run, production stage reports - Late analysis alerts and turnaround reports - Price lists management and efficiency reports. Queries PDF and spreadsheet exports - Integration to SAGE, QUICKBOOKs.